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Below is a list of tutorials (also called walk-though or how-to) for a few core areas of the EHR. If you have a particular question you might consider also looking at:

  • Questions by Category -- A list of categories related to the site, for example "progress note" and "calendar" to look at subsets of Q&A more easily.

Text Tutorials

Getting Started & Configuration Overview

Treatment Plan Overview

Progress Note Overview

Agenda Overview

Calendar Overview

Invoice Overview

Demo & Training Videos

At this time, we offer the following video tutorials. If you have more questions, the standard training sessions are offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm EDT. These sessions are limited to ten clinicians to ensure that we can answer all questions adequately. If you have a time when you would be able to join one of these sessions please let us know in a feedback message and we will add you to the attendee list and forward all necessary dial in information. We also offer personalized training by appointment 9am to 3pm EDT, these must have at least three days advance notice. If you cannot meet on a Tuesday or Thursday please provide the day and time you would like our staff to call you in a feedback message. We will confirm the time with you once it has been assigned to a customer service representative.

Training Videos (most videos are 2-5 minutes long)

There is also the full length walk-through and training video.

Demo and Walkthrough (~40 min)