How do I update your system with my current credit card information?

From TherapyCharts

Navigate to the Payment Method Area

To change credit card information in the system:

  1. click on the "Configuration" tab
  2. click on the "Payment Method" subtab

If the Configuration or Payment Method tabs are missing you may not have permission to perform this action. Please contact your organization administrator to update the information for you. The TherapyCharts Customer Service Representatives do not have authority to grant you access to this area if you do not have it, unless you are the person who opened the account. If you are the person who opened the account, please send an internal feedback message.

In some small screen the Payment Method subtab is off the screen to the right and you may require a bigger display.

If you need to update only the expiration date

Most often problems occur when a credit card’s expiration date is not updated. In the event that the expiration date just needs to be changed:

  1. click on the credit card you want to modify in the list of card at the bottom
  2. click the "Edit Expiration" button; this will open a credit card detail tab (usually this will show the first letter of the type of card and last four #digits)
  3. update the Expiration Date
  4. click "Save" button on the bottom of the tab

If you need to replace a whole credit card number

In the event that the card number itself needs to be replaced (ex. now bad because it was lost or stolen), simply:

  1. Navigate to Configuration -> Payment Method
  2. click the "Add Card" button; this will open a New Payment Method tab
  3. add the new card's information, be sure to include all fields
  4. click "Add" button in bottom right; this will save the card and return you to the card list

Next make it the primary card for billing:

  1. select the payment method you just entered from the list of cards on the summary tab
  2. click the "Use Selected Card for Billing" button, the green checkbox should appear next to the card in the "Bill Card?" column

We recommend that you only keep one credit card stored in the system so after entering your new information, you should select your old billing card, select delete card to remove the old card.

Note on Security

For security reasons, TherapyCharts Customer Service Representatives (CSR) or other staff do not have access to your credit card. We cannot see nor modify it.The process is completely automatic. The above procedure should be followed.