From TherapyCharts

TherapyCharts is for clinical psychologists and other mental health professionals who are dissatisfied with paper charts, insurance takebacks, and are fearful of healthcare regulations. Our team of attorneys, computer security experts, and psychologists have created a web-based electronic health record (EHR) system that provides smart practice management for psychologists. Unlike other EHRs, we integrate remote accessibility, security, compliance, and tailor it for the workflow of psychologists — all for a price comparable to the monthly cable bill, which is less than the cost to manually retrieve a patient record from the archives and much less than the cost of compliance fines.

TherapyCharts provides a web-based software as a service (Saas) electronic health record and practice management solutions for clinical psychologists. This allows psychologists to keep their progress notes, treatment plans, and other records in a HIPAA compliant digital storage that provides access to these records anytime and anyplace the internet is available.