Where should I record risk assessments?

From TherapyCharts

Suicidal/Homicidal risk assessment

If a patient is actively suicidal or homicidal, you should check the appropriate box. This will open a second box where you may document the actions you have taken to ensure the patient’s or their target’s safety. While the box appears limited in space, this like many of our fields is expandable and will allow you to enter as much information as you need to document any consultation with others, supervision obtained, behavioral safety plans, referrals to other agencies, or hospitalization.

The current risk assessment

Some of our clinicians noted that there are other risks than just suicidality and homicidality that they wished to track in an easy format. If your client is at risk for engaging in any maladaptive behaviors you may use this field to track them. Some examples include drug use for patients seeking sobriety, purging for patients with bulimia, non-fatal self harm, etc.