What size should I scan my document at to get the best benefit from the Document Manager?

From TherapyCharts

We sent our computer geeks to study scanned documents for a week. They determined that the average size is 52kb per page when scanned at our recommend settings. Our recommended settings are based on 8.5"x11" paper at 200 DPI black and white compressed using TIFF Group IV -- these setting are great for text document storage, similar to the quality of a fax machine, and configurable on most scanners. Our studies have shown when documents are scanned to this level, they are ideal for EHR storage because they are small and compact and retrieved quickly. The default limit for storage is 1024MB which gives room for about 20,000 pages of scanned text. There is the ability to purchase more space due to a need for more pages, or choose to scan pages at different size, bit depth, number of colors, and compress type then our recommendations.