I have a bad internet connection that drops out once in awhile, can I still use TherapyCharts?

From TherapyCharts


First, you might consider speaking with the internet provider about the quality of service, as disappearing internet connections should be highly unusual. Also, internet providers offer "business" class connections that are more reliable then "home" connections and have quicker response times if the internet goes down.

TherapyCharts includes a connection monitor that is active when you are logged in. This verifies that your browser is able to connect to the TherapyCharts servers. If your connection is flaky for small periods of time then you most likely will be able to use TherapyCharts. For example, if you have a progress note open when the internet connection stops working, then you can finish typing that note. After the connection comes back, just click save. (There is an lost connection indicator that will appear in the lower right corner over the TherapyCharts graph when the connection is lost.)

However, there is no way to access the TherapyCharts system if your internet connection goes down for a extended period of time.