I clicked on intake, but my browser keeps timing out. What should I do?

From TherapyCharts

In order to preserve the privacy of your clients, we never store anything on your machine. This means that longer forms such as the intake can take longer to download, particularly on the first time. This delay should not cause errors. If it does, please let us know via the feedback button. We are working on solutions to gather all the assessment information without the long delays.

Some virus scanners, pop-up blowers, and web browser setups, in particular IE, cause problems. If you are using IE and this is happening, you need to double-check your settings. We've confirmed that IE works with our system if it is set up correctly. Here are the instruction for configuring this under IE7 (IE8/IE9 have similar settings and examples of instruction can be found online using a search engine):

  • Open IE7
  • Go to Tools
  • Select Internet Options

In the Internet Options Dialog:

  • Click Security Tab
  • Click Trusted Sites Icon
  • Click Sites button

In the trusted sites dialog:

Back on the Internet Options Dialog:

  • Set the Security Level for the Trusted Sites to to Low
  • Click the Privacy Tab

On the Privacy Tab:

  • Click Site button
  • Type "secure.therapycharts.com" and click Allow button
  • Type "www.therapycharts.com" and click Allow button
  • Type "therapycharts.com" and click Allow button
  • Click ok

Under Pop-Up Blocker Area

  • Click Settings
  • Add "secure.therapycharts.com"