How to Print a Progress Note

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  • the latest edition of the client application code, for additional information see How_to_Verify_the_most_current_version
  • the latest edition of Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similar PDF reader application) [1]
  • configure your web browser to enable pop-up windows from


1. Login to
2. Select a patient, by left-clicking on the "View Latest Progress Note" option next to their name in the Patient List.

Select a Patient

3. Wait for the Progress Notes Tab open.
4. Click the "Print" icon in the top navigation bar, this will cause a pop-up window to open with the PDF in it.

Click Print Icon

5. View the populated PDF from that window and print it from Acrobat Reader

View PDF

For Older Notes

Simply move to the previous or next note and print that.

Print and Previous/Next Note Button Locations