How do I create a new treatment plan?

From TherapyCharts

Click on the new button which appears as a paper with a green plus on the left hand side of the icon menu. The form will load with any data from the most recent treatment plan if there has been one created already for this patient for you as the clinician to update. If this is the first treatment plan clicking new will unlock the fields for editing.

We support diagnosis using the ICD-10 or DSM-IV and have the full ICD-9 available for historic data.

To update so that only ICD codes appear as an option for the treatment plan diagnosis an administrator will need to login to their TherapyCharts account. Once logged in, click on configuration in the upper right hand corner. Click on the billing sub-tab in the second navigation row, it will appear towards the middle of the screen. The top table on this tab is the diagnostic preferences table, since Sept 31st the default for this table has been "show me everything" as clinicians have been using all of the ICD-9, ICD-10, and DSM V codes based on their region. Most clinics are now selecting either the ICD-10 international description or the ICD-10 DSM V description based on what their staff have trained under. Once you click the appropriate diagnostic category click save. This will update the treatment plan table to show only the diagnostic codes from the category you selected. Please be advised that this will not change historic diagnosis as the new codes do not map precisely with the old code set and clinical judgement is required in most cases to ensure clinical accuracy. If you need any additional help please let me know.