How do I change the printing settings to allow me to edit printouts once I download them?

From TherapyCharts

The new printing engine is available when printing the progress notes, treatment plan, review, intake, discharge, and patient info. The new printing engine updates both the layout of the printout itself and also allows you to set the default format you would like to receive the printout in, for example, .pdf, .doc, etc. If you choose .doc then you will be able to edit them after they open the MS Word as compared to the .pdf which are not editable after they download.

In order to enable the new printing system please follow these steps:

  1. Login to the TheraScribe powered by TherapyCharts on-line EHR
  2. Hit F5 to force your web browser to refresh information from our server
  3. Click Configuration Tab
  4. Expand the "Application Preferences: General" panel
  5. Scroll to the bottom of that panel to locate the "Printing Preferences"
  6. For the "Printing Engine" option choose "Enhanced DOC/ODT/PDF style printing"
  7. For the "Printing Output Format" option choose "DOC"
  8. For the "When Printing" option choose "Download the Document"
  9. Click the "Submit and Save" button

Now when it prints it will use the new printing engine and download in .doc format.