How do I cancel?

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Canceling an Account

Canceling an account is designed for customers who do not want TherapyCharts to maintain their data anymore and do not want to continue the services.

Account Status After Cancellation

After your account is canceled, the data in your account will remain accessible in a read-only format for 30 days. During that 30 day period you will still be able to login and print your data. After 30 days you will no longer be able to login and your data will not be accessible again.

What happens to my records after 30 days?

Once an account is canceled, after 30 days, the records will be inaccessible and may be removed from our systems at TherapyCharts sole discretion.

Procedure to cancel an account

  • Log into your TherapyCharts account.
  • Goto Configuration -> User Management.
  • Highlight the user you wish to cancel in the User List.
  • Click the Cancel User button.
  • Confirm you understand and agree.
  • The user will be canceled.

Note: If you are canceling a whole organization, please cancel yourself last.

Note: The user manager is only available for users with the appropriate permission, so please use one of those users to cancel your account(s).

Alternative: If the cancel user button does not show on the Conf->User Management tab: Submit a feedback message requesting cancellation. If you would like, you can tell us why so we can try to get better. The customer service staff will process the cancel request. The account will be canceled effective the day you submit the request even if it is processed at a later date. If billing occurred after the time the feedback message request is submitted and the time it is processed by the customer service representative then TherapyCharts will issue a refund electronically via the credit card processor. If billing that occurred before the feedback message request to cancel, is not eligible for refund. If you wish to cancel effective a date in the future please be sure to include that date in your initial request.

Ways we will NOT take cancellations

We do not take cancellations over the phone, email, or through the regular web forms.

We must have an authenticated request tied back to the account to process it. This is also true for any other account modification that has the potential to change access to the records. We do this for security reasons in order to prevent anyone from impersonating our clinicians, canceling our clinicians accounts, and preventing access to the EHR records.

Additionally, customer service representatives that answer the phones, look at emails, and process the public web question forms do not have access to the elements of the system that allow them to perform a cancellation.

Any cancel requests sent via phone, email, or web forms will NOT be canceled, will be ignored, and no response given. Please submit an internal feedback message.

Alternatives: Retirement

If you:

  • don't want your records deleted after 30 days; and
  • want TherapyCharts to continue to hold your records

Then you might consider a Retirement Account ... See What_happens_when_I_retire?