How do I add appointments?

From TherapyCharts

The basic approach:

On the bottom right of the screen select "New Appointment." To select which patient the appointment is for, type the first few letters of the client's name (the rest will be completed for you) or select their name from the drop down. Once you have a patient selected, choose a desired start and stop time and a date from the pop-out calendar. The appointment will then appear on your schedule. Be sure you are looking at the right day as the agenda view does not update to the day of the new appointment. By default, the current day is displayed on the screen.

For more advanced users:

Within the system, there is a couple different ways the session date/time can get automatically set to a few different values depending on the view.

  1. On the right hand side agenda view of daily appointments: clicking the New Appointment button, as described above, will default to today's date with the therapist selected as the current user (aka you).
  2. On the patient list grid: clicking the Make New Appointment icon will default the new appointment to the same time as the last appointment, but add one week from the date of the last appointment. However if that date/time has already has passed, it will instead defaults to the current date and current time. In either case it will default the patient and primary therapist of the row selected.
  3. On any of the calendar day/week/month views: clicking (or dragging a time appointment) will default the date and time to the date and time selected in the calendar during the click or mouse drag. The therapist should default to the selected therapist (if any) and the patient should default to the selected patient (if any).