How do I access my previous progress notes?

From TherapyCharts

Once a note is signed-and-saved it appears as a previous version. There are two ways to access the previous versions.

First Approach

After selecting the patient you want click the History tab. In the history tab you will see a list of all previously signed-and-saved versions of all your clinical documents. Clicking the icon in the row will load the particular version.

Second Approach

When looking at the current progress note there are four buttons to the right side of the icon bar (which is the bar just below the tabs Progress Note, Treatmen Plan, etc at the top of the web browser window). The four button are also located just to the right of the current patient name which is also shown in the icon bar. The four buttons are left to right: goto first note goto previous note goto next note goto last note So if you can imagine a stack of paper with version 5 of a progress note on the top clicking the previous note button will take you to version 4 or the one under it.