From TherapyCharts

Using the feedback tab helps the staff at TherapyCharts to better understand how to help you. The feedback tab is located in the bottom right hand corner of the program. When you click on the “submit feedback” button you will be prompted to select idea, question, problem, or praise.

Questions: Ask the customer service team a question, schedule training, learn how something works, or understand something more. The team will respond via an internal message to your messages tab when they have the answer to your question.

Ideas: You have an idea! We would like to hear from you. It could be on how to improve the service or a new feature to add. Technology ideas are evaluated quarterly by our clinical advisory team.

Praise: You really like the way we did something and want to let us know and say thanks. This is used to keep features available, in staff reviews, and in general to boost morale!

Problems: Use this to report a bug or similar software malfunction. The team will respond via an internal message to your messages tab if they have any questions on the same business day. Technical support requests within a severity level are generally processed on a first-come, first-served basis. We will do our best to provide an estimate on when you should anticipate the problem corrected.

This is also, where you would cancel your account please state, which usernames, and the reason why they are being cancelled. We can only acknowledge cancellations via the feedback tab for security reasons.