Create an invoice

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Creating an Invoice can be done by hand or through automation discussed on a separate page.

Add Invoice

To manually create invoices you would navigate to the billing tab of a patient’s chart. Here, you can review any outstanding invoices or click add invoice to enter new information. Once you add an invoice you would select edit invoice to add, review, or edit any transactions.

Add Charge

Click add charge to open the dialogue box to add the necessary information. The first field asks for the date of the transaction, this is usually the date of service although may be later if your clinic bills on a weekly schedule. Therapists may choose to link to a progress note’s service code that does not already have an attached invoice or create a new service code. They will be asked to select a service location. They may add billing notes to increase clarity for the patient if they choose. Click add to put the transaction on the invoice.

Record Payments

To collect payment information click the add payment button. Therapists should record the transaction date, when the payment was made. The next filed asks for type of payment: a) payment for private patient arrangements, b) co-pay for patient portions of unpaid claims, c) claim for insurance payments, or d) adjustments for any reductions made either for a sliding scale or contractual arrangments with payors. The payment method can be recorded as well cash, credit, check, or claim. There is a field to record payment tracking information whether it is the tracing number on the check or a transaction id for credit and electronic claim transfers. The payment can be tracked to any service code with outstanding balance. The amount captures the details of the payment and again there is a comment field for any notes the clinician or staff wish to make for clarity. Click add to record the payment.

Legal Notices

In order to be compliant with regulations, on printed invoices there will be indications in the foot notes of any outstanding documentation, to alert patients of possible transactions adjustments until all of the supporting documentation is signed and saved and the invoice is posted. Once an invoice has been posted it is viewed as complete and transaction details cannot be edited. Before you post the invoice be sure all of the details are correct. You may edit any transaction while it is open using the edit transaction button. Payments may still be added to posted invoices.