Can I import my existing data?

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Requirements to Import Data

At this time, we are only importing data from TheraScribe 5.

But I'm using something else! Help me please.

If you are not using TheraScribe 5, and instead are using another product, then please upload an export of your data from your existing EHR to the document manager tab within TherapyCharts. Then using the feedback button submit a request for import analysis. Turn around time varies in analysis but usually takes 2-4 weeks. Analysis means that the TherapyCharts tech team will tell if it is even possible to do an import and an estimated timeline and cost to do so.

How to do it

The TheraScribe 5 desktop based product stored your patient information in a file on your local machine. That filename ends in .MDB and is located where you choose to install it when you first installed TheraScribe 5. Common locations include in your Documents folder.

When the TheraScribe 5 import tool is available for your account, it will be located under the Configuration -> Document -> Import section. From there you will be able to open an upload tool which will allow you to select the .MDB file from your local filesystem. Once you select the MDB file, you can upload it to the system and our import tool will process it.

What is imported?

In TheraScribe 5, there is a left navigation area containing primary and secondary links. The data from the first two primary links will be imported. Those areas are titled: Personal Data, and Assessment. The functionality to import Personal Data will be released first, and the Assessment import functionality will come a number of weeks after.

Personal Data contains the following sub-sections: Demographics, Provider, Insurance, General Notes, HIPAA Assessments contains the following sub-sections: Psychosocial History, Strengths / Weaknesses, Assessments Given, Mental Status, Recovery, Summary.

The fields in each of these sub-sections will be imported into the analogous fields in TherapyCharts, spread across primarily the Patient Info, Intake, Documents, and Treatment Plans tabs.

The time between .MDB file upload and import may be 1-2 weeks.

Under which user account (clinician) do my clients (patients) go?

When the importer runs, it will place each client-patient into the owning user-clinician as found in the TheraScribe database. To determine a match between the TheraScribe user and the TherapyCharts user the importer looks at the email address in both. A match occurs only if both emails are identical. For any non-match, the import will first creates TherapyCharts clinician user accounts for all users found in the TheraScribe database (that are not already created in TherapyCharts). This accounts are marked as special imported accounts and are set as non-billable. Then the clients-patients will be imported. Please be sure you have set an email address for all your TheraScribe users that match the corresponding TherapyCharts user you wish to have the clients-patients imported under. Failure to do so will result in those clients-patients being imported separately and you having assign them to a primary therapist by hand.

What about my Treatment Plan and Progress Notes?

Those are imported too. Because there are differences between TheraScribe and TherapyCharts there are differences in how they look on the screen. Our team may revisit importing additional information in the summer based on the feedback from the TherapyCharts customers who have used the MDB import feature.

Where can I get more technical details?

This TS5 Import Guide contains more technical details on how fields are mapped between the two software packages. Please send a feedback message or a contact us request to the Customer Service Representatives if you have additional questions.