Automate Invoices

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At the Organization level

Under the "Billing" subtab in the configuration area, an administrator can set the diagnosis preferences that your organization uses. Most clinics choose a standard reporting option whether ICD-9, ICD-10, or DSM-V. Some clinics need the table to show all of the options as different insurance providers may require different diagnostic codes.

On this same tab you can establish the service and billing location allows users to add where they provide service or alternatively the billing location that should be associated with claims.

The system will allow administrators to automate the creation of invoices to clinical documentation. These invoices can be set to create an invoice for all clinicians in an organization either when notes are created or when notes are signed. Some clinics allow each clinician to set this preference in their own account.

Invoices may be created individually one for each note related to a service, or batched by a set time frame to record all services provided for a patient in a day, week, or month depending on how the clinic processes patient payments. Choosing any of these batch options will list any services provided in the timeframe as separate transactions on one invoice.

This is also the area that includes the service code tables for the standard price of service codes within the organization. Once a service code has an established price, any invoices created with the service code will reflect the charge in this table, unless the patient has specialized pricing discussed below.

At the Patient Level

On the patient information tab is a similar service code table. This is used primarily when clients have customized billing rates that differ from the organization's standard rates. This can be due to insurance policies that contract at reduced rates or private pay situations where fees are based on income or other factors. To add a customized service fee simply click the add price button and complete the form. You can edit this price table at any time should situations change with the client.

At the Clinician Level

As described above, if the administrator of an organization sets up the invoice configuration to allow clinicians to choose their invoicing preferences then they may manage these options on the General tab of the configuration menu.