Is there a free trial?

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Because we store electronic mental health records on behalf of others, we need a real customer in order to meet our requirements. TherapyCharts used to offer the ability to try our system for the first 30 days, however, we found that almost half of those who requested these accounts never even logged on! For that reason we eliminated the ability to have "free" time on the system.

We do offer live demonstrations, scheduled at your convenience. These demonstrations usually take about 30-45 minutes. For those who are interested in the ease of access, you can also watch the video version on our website at:

Our staff can also assign you a test account for a twenty four hour period if you know of a date where you would have time to explore the software. These accounts have fictitious data that allows clinicians to use the system without risk.

The other option is to sign up either online or through our sales staff knowing that there are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.